Jul 14

Functional Programming Principles in Scala

For the past few weeks I’ve been doing a Scala course on Coursera. Today it has just finished for me and I’m happy to report I scored all the points.

I was actually enrolled on previous editions of the course but for some reason the time frame wasn’t right for me at the time.

It was an excellent choice to spend a few hours every week and play with functional Scala code. FPPinS was one of the first resources I learned about the language before my first commercial Scala project. As it was almost two years ago I naturally find the course a lot easier this time. I hardly needed to watch Martin Odersky’s lectures to solve the programmatic assignments. For the most part I treated course as a way to keep in touch with the language while working in other technologies in my day job.

If you haven’t taken this class yet because you thought it’s too hard, easy, boring then think no more – it is just fun! The course consists of a series of video lectures and problems sets to be solved in Scala. From the first week you are encouraged to implement solution to a given problem in functional manner – this is really important and yet easy to understand by a person with Clojure background. Both the presentation of topics and effort put in the design of interesting exercises is top class – big thanks to organisers.

I am looking forward to learn more from the follow up course about what Typesafe calls reactive programming. I hope it’ll start soon and I will have a chance to gain second Coursera certification to my collection :)

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